Nurse and Nurse Aide Training

Welcome to Occupational Training Solutions! We are the leading providers of products for caregiver, nurse, and nurse aide training. Save time and money with concise on-demand training, prevention of nosocomial infections, and reduction in patient care errors.

Why Use Our Nurse and Nurse Aide Training Products?

Our Training Product Benefits:Occupational training solutions basic nursing and nurse aide training dvd cover image

  • Enhance caregiver competency with safe and proper care techniques modeled in every video
  • Train new and current care givers
  • Reduce lost time related to staff injury and decrease workman’s compensation claims
  • Improve patient care quality and operational efficiency
  • Reduce supervisor’s training time
  • Allow supervisor’s to monitor and assess student skill levels with quizzes and checklists provided
  • Decrease medical liability costs
  • Use in the classroom or stream online for 24/7 on-demand training

Patient Benefits:

  • Improve quality patient care
  • Prevent costly infections
  • Improve patient care outcomes
  • Decrease patient stay time
  • Decrease preventable readmission
  • Decrease healthcare facility acquired conditions

All of Our Videos Include:

  • Clear and concise demonstrations
  • Compassionate interactions
  • Bonus instructional features
  • Safe and competent care tips

Our Products: