The Occupational Training Solutions Story

Sisters Working Together…

In August 2009, sisters Patricia and Sarah were out to lunch.  Patricia was telling Sarah about the videos she was using in her nurse aide classroom. She was talking about the content being inaccurate, poor modeling of body mechanics, and how she didn’t like always having to tell students to watch only certain part.  Sarah had heard this argument before and had heard enough.  “Why don’t you make your own?” Sarah asked.  Patricia thought about it and said she’d do it with help from her sister. They formed OTS and began working before they realized how much work it was actually going to be.

The Occupational Training Solutions Story


Patricia Graham MSN RN CNE

Humble Beginnings…

Patricia Graham began her career in 1993 as a housekeeper in a nursing home. She loved talking with the residents and, at the advice of a CNA, she decided to take a class at the facility.

“The CNA class I took was very short and I was working with patients within days of starting,” said Patricia. “I just followed my peers and did what they did. I made a lot of mistakes when providing care—at the expense of my patients.” After a year in the field, Patricia was fortunate to work with a nurse who would accompany her and point out mistakes. “Not only did she tell me what mistakes I was making, she also told me the reason behind what I was doing and how my mistakes impacted the patients. That was life changing. I knew then that I wanted to teach these basic nursing skills because it was critical for them to be done the right way.”

Career Ladder…

Patricia went on to become an LPN, and then an RN. She began working in nursing management, as an Assistant Director of Nursing, a Staff Development Coordinator, and as a Restorative Nurse. For more than 12 years she has been directing the Nurse Aide Program at Front Range Community College (FRCC) in Boulder County, Colorado, where she also continues to work as a nurse and consultant. In 2008, she traveled to the University Of Zambia School Of Medicine to lecture on transcultural nursing. She loves sharing her enthusiasm for better patient care.

Patricia now has 20 years of nursing experience, including 14 in nursing education. She has earned her Master’s in Nursing Education and has become a Certified Nurse Educator (CNE). In 2009, she was named “Master Teacher” at FRCC. “I was shocked to get the master teacher award because I still think of myself as a nurse first,” Patricia said. “I still put patient care before anything else and I think that my students get that. I want them to realize how important they are in the lives and well-being of others. The bar is set high for a reason.”

Patricia’s dream is to benefit as many patients as possible, by sharing knowledge with those providing care. “It used to be me out there, affecting the patients I had contact with. By providing education, I feel like I can affect many more patients in a positive way, through the caring actions of others. Making these training videos is another extension of this dream. I want health care providers to have an extraordinary product that shows how to provide care in a very real way, with real people.”

Most recently, Patricia has become a certified yoga teacher (CYT) and a Certified Health and Wellness coach (CWC).

OTS Info at their conference booth

Sarah Benson CVT

Co-founder Sarah Benson shares Patricia’s work ethic and is also dedicated to the cause of excellence in patient care. Her professional background is in veterinary medicine and business administration. “What we have for health-care providers and educators is something more realistic and useful than anything else out there.”

Sarah currently teaches at Front Range Community College in the Veterinary Technology Program, works in a vet clinic and runs the business. She is also a full time student pursuing another degree in business. She stays active in the community by volunteering for various non-profit and fundraising organizations.

Photo of Patty and Sarah of OTS Info

We get by with a little help…

The sisters couldn’t have started their business without the help and support of many friends. Special thanks to Dan, Shaun, Joe, Geoff, Tammy, Lynn, Val, Quin, Dennis, Brandon and countless others.  They would also like to acknowledge their late grandfather, Paul, who is featured on two DVD covers, stars in several videos and was one of their inspirations.

One of the last pictures taken of our grandfather, Paul Morrison.

One of the last pictures taken of our grandfather, Paul Morrison.

Annual OTS Thank You dinner with friends who have helped us along the way.

Annual OTS Thank You dinner with friends who have helped us along the way.