Improving Patient Care Through Education

Why Use Our Nurse and Nurse Aide Training Products?

Our Mission Is to Provide Professional Nurse & Nurse Aide Training Products to Students In Need.

Welcome to Occupational Training Solutions! We are the leading providers of products for caregiver, nurse, and nurse aide training. Save time and money with concise on-demand training, prevention of nosocomial infections, and reduction in patient care errors.

Our Training Product Benefits


Educate Caregivers

Enhance caregiver competency with safe and proper care techniques modeled in every video.


Improve Patient Care

Improve the quality of patient care, health outcomes, and operational efficiency.


Train, Retain, Assess

Train new caregivers, retrain current caregivers, and assess skill competency.


Save Time & Money

Reduce lost time related to staff injury and decrease workman’s compensation claims.


On Stream 24/7

Stream videos for 24/7 online training via our digital cloud based offerings.


Course Materials Provided

Allow supervisors to monitor and assess student skill levels with quizzes and checklists provided.


Less Liability Costs

Decrease medical liability costs by enabling caregivers to perform their duties safely and efficiently.


Improved Response Time

Reduce the amount of time lost to related to injuries and improve the ability of caregivers to respond.


Closed Captions

All of our videos and supplements are closed captioned and ADA accessible.

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Our Products

We offer a wide range of educational materials for nurse and nurse aide training. Our intructional videos were designed to provide current and prospective caregivers with superior training supplements.

Basic Nursing and Nurse Aide Training

More than 50 skills are covered on 5 DVD’s in this Nursing and Nurse Aide Training video series. Learn the proper way to provide nursing care from nurses on real people, developed by nurse educators.

Bathing and Personal Care

Learn bathing and personal care techniques from nurses, demonstrated on real patients. Watch caregivers provide a complete shower, tub bath and bed bath using proper body mechanics.

Perineal Care and Toileting

Learn, from nurses and nurse aides, perineal care techniques and proper toileting skills demonstrated on real people in various locations including the bathroom, shower, and in bed.

Transfers and Ambulation

Learn safe transfer and ambulation techniques. Watch caregivers provide 1 and 2-person transfers in the bathroom, shower/tub room and from bed, while demonstrating proper body mechanics.

Nurse & Nurse Aide Training 

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See what our students have to say…

Jason F.

"The real-life videos helped prepare me for what it would be like to provide real care to patients."

Dinesh K.

"I’ve never felt more prepared to take care of someone."


Ashley R.

"I appreciate the importance that was put on body mechanics and keeping yourself safe."


Monique C.

"The attention to detail really helped me feel more at ease when it came to the real thing."


Samantha P.

"I like that the videos weren’t too long, got to the point, and didn’t waste my time."


Jerome B.

"Showing all the different locations you can provide care really took a lot of the guesswork out of how to do the job."


Kalika W.

"It was so helpful to see perineal care on real people and not manikins."


Shawn E.

"The shower video really prepared me for giving my first shower."