Transfers and Ambulation Training


Learn safe transfer and ambulation techniques. Watch caregivers provide 1 and 2-person transfers in the bathroom, shower/tub room and from bed, while demonstrating proper body mechanics.

Learn, from nurses, safe transfer and ambulation techniques demonstrated on real people. Watch caregivers provide 1 and 2-person transfers in the bathroom, shower/tub room and from bed, while demonstrating proper body mechanics. Learn how caregivers ambulate a patient, using a gait belt, with and without a walker. Reduce the risk of caregiver and patient injury with proper body positioning and body mechanics modeled in every video.   This video utilizes close ups, slow motion and extensive explanation on the importance of proper technique to enhance patient care outcomes. This DVD set includes 20 training videos.

Included In The Transfers and Ambulation DVD:


  • Ambulation with a walker - Learn the proper techniques for walking with a patient using a walker. Safety care tips on walker use and height are included.
  • Ambulation without a walker - Watch how a patient is assisted to ambulate when they don't need an assistive device. Avoid caregiver injury and patient injury related to unnecessary falls.


  • Gait Belt Placement - Watch as a variety of styles of gait belt are safely applied to patients. Learn how to apply a gait belt so that it is secure and keeps both the caregiver and patient safe.
  • Shower - View a 1 person assist to and from the shower chair from a wheel chair using safe chair placement and proper body mechanics
  • Tub - Watch as a patient is assisted in and out of and electric tub.
  • Mechanical Lift - View as a patient is lifted in a Sit to Stand lift and a Hoyer lift. Tips on using mechanical lifts are discussed but this video is no intended to replace manufacturer lift training or instruction.
  • Bed -
    • 1-Person Assist - View a patient being securely assisted out of bed and into a wheelchair. A close up of gait belt placement is included in this video.
    • 2-Person Transfer - Watch as 2 caregivers carefully move a patient out of bed and into a wheelchair. This includes sitting the patient up on the side of the bed while maintaining appropriate back alignment.
  • Toileting -
    • 1-Person  Assist- Watch a caregiver assist a patient on and off of the toilet.  Patient is able to stand at the bar and assist with the transfer
    • 2-Person Transfer and 1 Person Assist - Observe one caregiver assisting the patient to stand while another caregiver assists with the patient’s pants.
    • 2-Person Transfer- Lean how to transfer a patient on and off the toilet with 2 caregivers. This video demonstrates the use of teamwork to avoid injury and moving together in a small space while staying safe.

All of Our Videos Include:

  • Clear and concise demonstrations
  • Compassionate interactions
  • Bonus instructional features
  • Safe and competent care tips

Our Training Product Benefits:

  • Enhance caregiver competency with safe and proper care techniques modeled in every video
  • Train new and current caregivers
  • Reduce lost time related to staff injury and decrease workman’s compensation claims
  • Improve patient care quality and operational efficiency
  • Reduce supervisor’s training time
  • Decrease medical liability costs

Patient Benefits:

  • Improve quality patient care
  • Prevent costly infections and improve patient care outcomes
  • Decrease patient stay time
  • Decrease preventable readmission
  • Decrease healthcare facility acquired conditions

Free Bonus Disc!

Our Free Bonus Disc, included free with this purchase is essential to keeping caregivers and patients safe and healthy. Your health care providers will learn skills to maintain professionalism and patient dignity. Included in this DVD:

  1. Customer Service (2 videos) – Entering and exiting a room skills are reinforced.
  2. Infection Control (5 videos)- Skills to prevent the spread of infection are demonstrated.
  3. Safety (2 videos)- General safety and body mechanics are addressed.